2011 FarmFest 450 Poster

Fun Fact: Due to a miscommunication with friend, I found myself with neither tent nor sleeping bag the last night of the festival. Luckily it wasn’t long before a really kind hippie chick put me to bed in what turned out to be her girl friend’s tent, who I met first thing the next morning when she said something along the lines of, “Hey, poster guy, time to pack up!”


Illustration, Graphic Design, Screen Printing, Hula Hoopin', Tent Crashin'


NTL Productions

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Fun Fact The cover of the Grateful Dead's 1977 Terrapin Station features a tortoise playing banjo while another one dances. I'd seen the cover before but had no clue I was jacking the idea when I went to print.

Print Infos

Edition Size

50 (?)


16 x 20 inches, 140# beer-colored index

Screens & Ink

3 screens; white, orange, green

Gig Date

August 19-20 2011


Phelan's Farm, Kinsman IL