Avett Bros Savannah Posters

Baker Prints' Avett Brothers 2014 Savannah, GA poster diptych woman wearing a towel combing her hair in a window with flowers on the sill  close up of pretty woman's face  close up of flowers and woman's thighs  lean woman zipping up striped dress woman's hairdo close up of watering can


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The Avett Brothers

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March 20 poster:
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March 21 poster:
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A diptych of gig posters for the Avett Brothers' two-night stand at the Johnny Mercer Theatre in Savannah, GA depicts a pretty young lady with her head in the clouds.

Print Infos

Edition Size

Artist edition of 48 (each poster)


18 x 24 inches, Cougar 100# cover in Natural White

Screens & Ink

3 screens; light blue, light peach, black

Gig Date

March 20 + 21 2014


Johnny Mercer Theatre