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Baker Prints’ logo and mascot is a curious critter named Stubbs. He was designed by Pat Baker, using those pungent permanent markers that veteran storyboard artists like himself burn through by the gross. That smell brings me right back to childhood (not because of the psychotropic effects).

The images above show Stubbs in various situations. Each one was used as a front page to a main menu category on the old BDS website.


Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, X/HTML, CSS


Baker Design Studio


Years ago, my Old Man and myself put together a website ( to promote our freelance work, which we were occasionally getting, both individually and in collaboration, outside of our day jobs. The site itself is one of the best things we worked on together.

This one ain't half bad, and I have a sneaking suspicion this one helped get Baker Prints in the book because it was used for our full-page graphic.

I built the site from scratch, all static code. That made it a pain to update, which is one reason why I never really did.