Dead Chicago Poster


Above is the Ivory open-edition. These prints are signed and editioned “o/e”—we will continue to offer them as long as Heads want them. The paper has a bit more color. The inks match the original very closely, though as with any split-fountain they’ll vary somewhat along the print run and from one run to the next. Which is pretty cool, we think.

Baker Prints' GD50 commemorative art print - ivory open edition

Sullivan’s skeleton was originally published in 1859 accompanying a poem in Edward Fitzgerald’s first edition of his English translation of the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, an 11/12th-century Persian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and poet.

Pictured here is the limited edition printed on Cougar Natural White 100# cover, which sold out within hours of publishing.

This poem appears in a later revision of the Rubáiyát translation and isn’t accompanied by Sullivan’s skeleton, but it felt right for the piece:

‘Oh, threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise!
One thing at least is certain — This Life flies
One thing is certain, and the rest is Lies;
The Flower that once has blown for ever dies.’



Rainbow foil editions, black (#/51) and white (#/29):

Dead50 art print in black ink and white ink on rainbow foil cardstock
Reflective papers (and inks) are always tricky to capture in a jpg. Here’s what the rainbow foil looks like under my print shop’s standard daylight tube/bulbs.
Detail shot of black-ink variant (edition of 51). Being purely-neutral pigments with a flat finish on a paper reflecting vibrant hues, the black and white variants produce an effect that is endlessly interesting.
The white-ink variant produces a subtler image that invites a closer look.
Detail shot of white-ink variant (edition of 29). This version produced a subtler image overall that invites a closer look.



Rainbow main/color edition (#/15 sold-out):



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IVORY (open edition):

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RAINBOW FOIL - BLACK (edition of 51):

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RAINBOW FOIL - WHITE (edition of 29):

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NATURAL WHITE (edition of 260):

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RAINBOW FOIL - MAIN (edition of 15):

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This Grateful Dead-inspired art print celebrates the band's incomparable 50 years. It features EJ Sullivan's famous 'Bertha' image that Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley used on my favorite Dead poster for the Avalon Ballroom in 1966.

Print Infos

Edition Size

Open (ivory), 51 (black on foil), 29 (white on foil), 260 (natural white), 15 (red-blue on foil). All editions are signed, all limited editions are numbered.


16 x 20 inches. Open-edition is Neenah Ivory 140# Index, Natural White is Cougar 100# cover, foils are 13pt Rainbow Foil cardstock.

Screens & Ink

1 screen. Red-magenta-blue split-fountain on colored prints. Black or white on two of the foils.

Gig Date

July 2015