Chicago Printers Guild Website

The site, which is based on BuddyPress on top of WordPress, was built to accomplish three main goals: Organize events and related info, create a useful members directory, and make updates — for example adding a new event to the calendar and making a blog post to promote that event — easy for all members.


Web Design, X/HTML, CSS, lite PHP/MySQL, WordPress/BuddyPress customization


Chicago Printers Guild


The CPG is a merry gang of printmaking geeks in Chicago. We get together at least once a month, usually at somebody's / some organization's print shop, and talk about things like how stupid it was to print wedding invites with superfine cursive using silver ink on black paper through 305 mesh.

We also go on field trips (the French Paper factory was super awesome!) and participate in and/or host print-related events.

The group has been around for a few years now. I was elected Web Guy in early 2011, a previously-nonexistent officer post which I now share with Kyra Termini.