Counting Crows Tour Posters

USA Summer Tour 2014 – ELECTRIC artist edition of 48. Features painfully-fluorescent inks.

For my artist edition I went back to the hurts-your-eyeballs-on-purpose color scheme, and had to print the fluorescent blue layer three times to get the right opacity.

European Tour Fall 2014 – BROWN artist edition of 19. Features fluorescent orange with metallic silver and overprints.

Since the USA poster contained about 40 cities, I made an entire alphabet of characters, stopping just short of actually programming them into a custom font (which I’d like to learn how to do someday).

USA Summer Tour 2014 – METALLIC artist edition of 33
European Tour Fall 2014 – NAVY artist edition of 11






Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Custom Typography, and a whole helluva lotta Screen Printing


Counting Crows

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USA ELECTRIC (edition of 48)

Price: $45.00

USA METALLIC (edition of 33)

Price: $45.00

EURO BROWN (edition of 19)

Price: $45.00

EURO NAVY (edition of 11)

Price: $45.00

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In spring 2014, the Counting Crows hired me to design and print their US summer tour poster. I was thrilled when they encouraged me to pursue a Bill Graham-era aesthetic, and I decided to emulate my hero Wes Wilson's incomparable typography and solid, vibrating colors. They loved the result but did have me tone down the colors a bit for the main edition (of which we printed over 3,000 — these were sold on tour and given to VIP patrons).

The poster was a big hit, and soon after the Crows hired me again to adapt the design for their European fall tour. There were about 1,000 in that main edition, and I made a couple of extremely-limited artist editions, available here for the first time.

Print Infos

Edition Size

USA Electric = 48, USA Metallic = 33, Euro Brown = 19, Euro Navy = 11


18 x 24 inches, white Cougar 100# cover (prints are full-coverage and paper does not show through anywhere)

Screens & Ink

3 screens per edition. USA Electric = flo red, flo yellow, flo blue. USA Metallic = metallic pink, silver, bronze. Euro Brown = electric orange, silver, dark brown. Euro Navy = electric orange, silver, navy blue.

Gig Date

Summer and Fall 2014


USA and Europe