Flatstock 26 Poster / Chicago 2010

This is my most self-indulgent poster. Basically I didn’t have any good ideas, so I tried to turn that into an idea. I added the dog (Pepper has been dead since college) because I work alone all the damn time and I didn’t want to look at a self portrait of a desperately lonely and creatively-blocked man.


Illustration, Graphic Design, Screen Printing, Pencil Chewin', Bourbon Drinkin'

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Flatstock posters are unique because there's really no client. Any poster artist participating in the festival (i.e. renting a table/tent to display and sell posters) is welcome to create and sell a poster for the event, and it's common to go tradesies with other poster people too.

Print Infos

Edition Size



17.5 x 22.5 inches on 140# light blue index

Screens & Ink

3 screens; white, yellorange, black

Gig Date

July 16-18 2010


Pitchfork Music Festival, Union Park, Chicago IL