“Meltdown” Art Prints

Primary edition of 403. Features fluorescent magenta and lots of vivid overprints.
Red Gold edition. Features metallic copper and citrine inks as well as saturated, fire-engine red. We printed the face layer twice for opacity, so unlike the Primary edition, the underprints are completely hidden at most angles.
Primary edition detail.
Red Gold edition close-up detail
Rainbow foil variants of the Primary (edition of 34) and Red Gold (edition of 13).
Detail close-up of the Primary foil variant.
Detail of the Red Gold foil variant.

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Primary Colorway (edition of 403)

Price: $40.00

Red Gold Colorway (edition of 223):

Price: $40.00

Rainbow Foil - Primary Colorway (edition of 34):

Price: $85.00

Rainbow Foil - Red Gold Colorway (edition of 13):

Price: $90.00 SOLD OUT

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This is the closest Kyle has gotten so far to finding a distinct artistic voice.

Graphically, Meltdown was inspired by the constantly-surprising and often beautiful results of test prints—paper that starts off as a misprint and goes on to accumulate random layers of ink from later runs. Most of our peers will agree, the coolest stuff in any of our shops can be found in the ever-growing stack of test prints next to the press.

Print Infos

Edition Size

Primary = 403. Red Gold = 223. Primary Foil = 34. Red Gold Foil = 13.


18 x 24 inches. Cougar natural white 100# cover or 13pt Rainbow Foil cardstock

Screens & Ink

5 screens. Primary colorway = light blue, flo magenta, process yellow, pale fleshy semi-trans apricot-ish, black. Red colorway = Metallic copper, fire engine red, metallic citrine, pale fleshy semi-trans apricot-ish, black.