The Steepwater Band at Schubas 2016 Gig Poster

The Steepwater Band live at Schubas in Chicago silkscreen gig poster September 2016 by Kyle Baker, Baker Prints

The Steepwater Band’s 9/16/2016 Schubas poster is on French Speckletone Kraft 100# cover stock. There is only one edition and many sold at the show so there is only a short stack left. Better get one while ya can!

Steepwater Band limited edition silkscreen poster detail shot oh yeeeeaaaaaah

Kyle only used four color/screens used in the art but you see eight colors because of all the transparent overprints: Yellow on cyan makes green, magenta on cyan makes purple, magenta on yellow makes red, and magenta on green makes a burgundy-ish color. That’s economical screen printin’!

Close up shot of The Steepwater Band's Schubas 2016 gig poster


Every damn thing.


The Steepwater Band

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The Steepwater Band—the greatest rock'n'roll band that ever was or ever will be—played a righteous gig on September 16th 2016. Kyle worked the merch booth coz he's a mensch like that. Funfact: this is Jeff Massey's favorite TSB poster.

Print Infos

Edition Size



French Speckletone Kraft 100# cover

Screens & Ink

4 screens. Cyan, warm yellow, hot marge, keyline black.

Gig Date

September 16 2016


Schubas Tavern in Chicago