Steepwater Band “G&M” Album Art

The Steepwater Band’s Grace and Melody album is the first album art I designed* and it’s an experience I’ll never forget. When Tod Bowers (bassist and the nicest fella you’ll ever meet) asked if I was interested in doing the art, I freaked right out.

*Apologies to Vamsi Nadimpalli, Joel Berk, Jon Sugar, Marc Frost and Matt Hollander: I’m not counting Ratz Youth of America here.


Art Direction, Graphic Design, Production (researching suppliers and being primary contact)


The Steepwater Band


Comprehensive album art packaging design, including double LP record with gatefold and 4-panel CD digipak with lyrics inserts.

The imagery, I hope, represents the "onward and upward" spirit of Grace and Melody found in tunes like "All the Way to Nowhere," "Lord Knows," the titular track, and more literally in "Roadblock" and "One Way Ride."