Todd Snider + GAT Jan 2010 poster

Production-wise, this one was a learning experience. I ended up with a ton of misprints because without a keyline each color has to be lined up almost perfectly.

This was one of my collaborations with my Old Man, Terry Baker. My roughs for the idea were very static composition-wise. It was his idea to have the taxi coming off the road, which makes you wonder what the hell I would’ve ended up with if I hadn’t begged him to help.


Illustration, Graphic Design, Screen Printing


Todd Snider

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This frame-friendly poster for Todd and Taxi's tour of the American southwest features the folk singer and his backing band hurdling carefree through a winding mountain road in Colorado.

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16 x 20 inches, white 100# index

Screens & Ink

4 screens; yellow, trans magenta, trans gray, black

Gig Date

January 2010


Tour of southwestern USA