UM 2015 Early Tour Foil Variant

Umphrey's McGee 2015 Winter Tour Poster by Baker Prints - showing entire poster

All images are actual photos. Working without a realistic digital mockup was scary! I decided to print proofs of a few different color-separation approaches—a very laborious and time-intensive process but ultimately worth the effort because my first couple trials were pretty much total whiffs.

Kate waited 5 minutes for me to shutup for 4 seconds.

Umphrey's 2015 Winter Tour Poster by Baker Prints

The original version of the poster was basically full-coverage ink—none of the foil would have showed through and even transparent acrylic ink blocks the reflective qualities, so I had to figure out a way to bring in the rainbow foil’s unique qualities while staying faithful to the original art.
Umphrey's McGee 2015 Winter Tour Poster by Baker Prints showing shiny foil goodness

I ended up printing four screens instead of the original three—instead of knocking out the text with overlapping screens, I printed an opaque layer of white ink last. I also reduced the image size overall and added a border on the white screen, which I hope will make framing nicer with about an inch of the rainbow foil showing all the way around.

Umphrey's McGee 2015 Winter Tour Poster by Baker Prints close up


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Umphrey's McGee

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Our very first foil poster! This is a variant of one of our most popular posters ever, for Umphrey's winter 2015 "Brings The Heat" tour. I reworked the color separations completely to use the foil more prominently and in a way that I feel really adds to the ethereal (and perhaps ephemeral) feel of them purty gals.

Print Infos

Edition Size



18 x 24 inches, Fancy Shmancy Rainbow Foil 100# Cover

Screens & Ink

4 screens: warm yellow, flo magenta/hot-pink mix, cyan with flo blue

Gig Date

Brings The Heat Tour (Jan–May 2015)


Various US Theaters and Theatres and even an Arena or two!