UM 2015 Winter Tour Poster


This turned out to be one of the most challenging print runs of my career so far—even though it was only three colors. The color separations were ambitious to begin with, with very little wiggle room for registration error, and critically important overprints that had to be saturated to look right. The level of detail pushed the limit of anything I’d attempted on a high-volume run before (not including the foil variants we printed 1,200 total).


I used tiny stochastic dots instead of a traditional halftone for the subtle shading, which meant we had to print pretty fast to keep the screen open. Probably the most difficult—and unanticipated—challenges of the run was the heavy, full-bleed ink coverage’s effect on the paper.


Besides sticking to the screen constantly, the heavyweight paper would curl up at the short edges, an issue greatly exacerbated by the dry winter (and radiator heat) conditions of our shop in January. As usual we worked through every challenge, made some killer prints by the skin of our teeth, and learned a whole helluva lot along the way.



Art Direction, Illustration, Design, Screen Printing, Tour Namin'


Umphrey's McGee

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Our tour poster for #1 client Umphrey's McGee was a big hit. Tour posters can be a tricky sell, especially when they're at the merch table with sweet individual gig posters like these were all tour. Despite that they were going so fast the band had to ration them between tour stops so more people could get a crack at picking one up. The main run of 1,000 sold out completely, as did the extra 150 the band offered from my artist edition (sold on their website).

Print Infos

Edition Size

Artist edition of 200 (only 50 available here).


18 x 24 inches. Cougar 100# cover.

Screens & Ink

3 screens. Warm yellow, flourescent hot magenta, cyan with flo blue.

Gig Date

January–April 2015