UM Bowl 3 Poster

The UM Bowl is a very unique annual gig that Umphrey’s McGee plays in their hometown Chicago. The band plays four long sets, each a ‘quarter’ with innovative interactive features catering, as always, to diehard fans. Read a thoughtful take on UM’s pioneering efforts to cater to their most loyal and enthusiastic supporters about it here at’s breakdown of the evening.

This was probably the most challenging print run I’ve done to-date, for a variety of reasons both expected and out of the ordinary. Adding the flesh color was a late stage decision but made a big difference. Changing from a 65 lines-per-inch halftone to a 50 LPI also proved to be a good audible both for practical print-run reasons and to achieve the vintage colorized sports-card look we were going for.

Huge thanks to handsome lad Michael and my homeboys Keith and Ryan for helping me get through the print run faster to minimize paper expansion (and keep me in good company during what would have been a lonely weekend of printing).


Graphic Design, Screen Printing, Perforation, Above Average Anxiety


Umphrey's McGee


To represent the innovative sports-themed concert, these 5-color silkscreen UM Bowl 3 posters are perforated so that you can separate the print into 9 jumbo 5 x 7 inch trading cards. I left the actual printers marks (registration and crops) just like you'd find on an uncut sheet of real sports cards.

Print Infos

Edition Size

215, 150 of which were signed by the band


~ 18.5 x 24.5 inches, 100# cover French Kraft-colored Speckletone

Screens & Ink

5 screens; white, medium yellow, blue, flesh, process black

Gig Date

April 27 2012


Park West, Chicago IL