About Baker Prints

Please Note! May 7 2016 update:

Our website is woefully out of date. We’ve been really busy! Seriously, it’s been nonstop bonkers for years. We couldn’t be happier about that. Until Kyle gets around to refreshing the site to better reflect our business, here’s the quick-and-dirty version—Baker Prints is a graphic design, illustration, and silkscreen print studio run by poster artist and master printer Kyle Baker and four amazing ladies.

Kyle is still a very active creative, designing and printing for awesome clients and occasionally producing his own art prints as well. But we also print a ton of other artists’ work for lots of bands, merchandise companies, promoters, and the artists themselves. The whole team is artist-printmakers, and we always go the extra mile to make the best prints we can.

If you might want to hire Kyle for art/design, you can browse his sporadically-updated portfolio here. All art on this site is his (including a few collaborations with his old man Terry Baker).

If you are interested in learning more about our print-for-hire services, the best summary for that information can be found here on our Etsy Manufacturing profile.

In Short

Baker Prints is the Chicago-based commercial-art and design business of creative professional Kyle Baker. This includes graphic art produced as an independent contractor, work as a silkscreen printmaker, and, largely and most purposefully, the intersection thereof.

venn diagram - on the left, Freelance Creative; on the right, silkscreen printing; in the middle intersection, Design and Printing


Whatever the project, Kyle is dedicated to establishing and growing trusting relationships with clients. Flip through the portfolio and you’ll see that, so far, it’s working. There are a small handful of dedicated clients for whom Kyle has handled everything from HTML to mixing ink. More important than the job itself, Baker Prints produces Good Work for Good Clients.

Core services – Screen printing, illustration, graphic design, web design, and creative consulting.

Supporting services – Copy writing, SEO/SEM, photography and re-touching. These are areas of competency and not expertise; Simply put, if these are top priorities, let’s find a great subcontractor who specializes in your need.

Technical capabilities – Expert in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Advanced in InDesign and Dreamweaver. Fluent in X/HTML + CSS. Basic PHP/MySQL. Proficient in WordPress theme design. PC power user.


Kyle has been working as a creative full time since graduating college in 2005. After 3+ highly successful years doing print and web design in-house at a small multi-national electronics company, he quit his job to pursue freelance opportunities which were popping up more and more. That December, in 2008, he took Steve Walters’ Screwball Academy screen printing crash-course. It was a transformative experience that stands as the single most influential event of his young career.

Since that time Kyle has been breaking his ass in half trying to produce great work for his clients, whether they’re rock stars or workaday musicians, massive corporations or scrappy start-ups, big ad agencies or fellow solopreneurs. He prides himself on being trustworthy and honest, and providing conscientious and responsive service.

Click here for more about Kyle and Baker Prints, including studio location, work history and education,